Don’t ban shelters from using foster care to save adoptable pets!

UPDATE 30 Jun 2011: A win for the animals! The new Code is being put in place today. The Victorian Government has agreed to all changes we’ve argued for on this site! We’ve overjoyed that the Minister, Peter Walsh, has listened to feedback and acted on it. It’s a change from what we were used to under the previous Government.

Fireworks and thunderstorms often result in an influx of frightened runaway dogs at our pounds and shelters. Instead of killing healthy dogs to make space for them, some organisations put them into foster care. The Victorian Government has proposed banning the use of foster care healthy adoptable pets.

2.8 Foster Care
The only time an animal can be placed in foster care is on the grounds of juvenile, veterinary rehabilitation or behavioural rehabilitation foster care.
Proposed Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds

In addition, a raft of onerous restrictions have been proposed that threaten to destroy foster care as we know it. These include:

  • the introduction of a strict 12 week limit on foster care
  • a requirement that foster carers homes can be searched without a warrant
  • extra cost from compulsory weekly visits to vet regardless of health status

As pet owners and animal lovers we need to let our representatives in Government know we expect more for cats and dogs. Our laws must reflect community attitudes towards companion animals.

We Need To Speak Out (Again!)

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