New Minister is Listening

On April 15, 2011, in government, shelters, updates, by Mike Bailey

We’ve been contacted by the Minister’s office and have explained our concerns relating to restrictions on Foster Care. They are now seeking to clarify the intent of the consulted code with the Bureau of Animal Welfare.

It must be noted that Agriculture Minister  Peter Walsh  inherited these changes from the previous Government (along with the desal plant). It’s really encouraging to see the active interest his office is taking in our concerns with the Code.


One Response to New Minister is Listening

  1. Cheryl del forno says:

    All my pets are rescued animals and they have brought me and my family so much pleasure. I say hands off foster care, we do it for free, we ask for nothing and we enjoy it and the joy it brings people is nit measurable by paper work or by government jerks who obviously have no respect for life. Let’s face it if they did they would pass legislation quicker for Oscars Law and compulsory desexing.